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Business Office Personnel & Administrators

Attention: Business Office Personnel & Administrators

  • To process registrations for our AP Summer Institute, our office will need a completed registration form with the teacher participant’s home address, telephone number and an email address that can be accessed during the summer.
  • Registrants will be contacted via email confirming their registration.  Class check-in information will be sent to the registrant electronically.
  • It is also required that we have complete payment information process a registration: a copy of a purchase order (not just the PO number), business office contact information, and a check or credit card number for at least the minimum $150 deposit.
  • On-line registrations require full payment with a credit card number.
  • Incomplete registration forms or registration forms submitted without proper payment information cannot be processed.
  • Again, it is imperative that we have an email address that will accept incoming emails from TCU, that is not shut down for the summer, and that is checked regularly.