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AP and Pre-AP Summer Institute

2019 AP® and Pre-AP® Summer Institute

Who: All AP and Pre-AP teachers, grades 6-12

What: TCU’s AP Summer Institute: A comprehensive 30 hour PD opportunity

When: 4 consecutive weeks beginning in June (excluding the week of July 4th)

Where: TCU campus

Why: TCU has innovative and unique professional development course offerings taught by instructors who are leaders in their disciplines. Hundreds of Pre-AP and AP teachers leave our campus each year inspired and better prepared as classroom teachers.

Etc…  Additional details can be found on our registration page or in the sidebar general information tab.  Hover over the Programs tab in the header to see our other professional development programs, or just contact us at or 817.257.7130.

Please note that the College Board is registering our APSI participants through their Cvent site starting summer 2019, which will require an extra step during the registration process.   A requirement of this registration system is that we break our English Institute out as a separate event from week 2.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions as we all adapt to a new registration process.

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Course offerings:

Week 1: June 17-20

AP1910AP Music Theory (new teachers)Blaise Ferrandino
AP1919AP Art HistoryMarsha Russell
AP1921AP Computer Science A (new teachers)Rob Schultz
AP1984AP Chemistry (new teachers)TJ Dortsch
AP1974AP European HistoryJim Kirkcaldy
AP1987AP Chemistry (experienced teachers)David Wentz
AP1945AP Spanish LiteratureCameron Stephen
AP1977AP World History (new teachers)Christine Bond
AP1965AP Micro EconomicsTheresa Fischer
AP1966AP Macro EconomicsNora Seager
AP1967AP U.S. Government and Politics InstituteJoe Stewart, Ulrich Kleinschmidt, Jim Riddlesperger
AP1968AP Comparative GovernmentBonnie Herzog
AP19P72Pre-AP Social Studies: TX History focusDallas Koehn
AP19P82Pre-AP Science: Biology focus for experienced teachers)Kelsey Burris
AP19P58Pre-AP High School Math: Algebra 2/Pre-Calc focus for experienced teachers)Cedric Fench

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Week 2: June 24-27

AP1911AP Music Theory (experienced teachers)Blaise Ferrandino
AP1954AP Calculus AB (new teachers)Dixie Ross
AP1955AP Calculus AB (experienced teachers)Scott Pass
AP1956AP Calculus BCBryan Passwater
AP1985AP Chemistry LabsTodd Abronowitz
AP1981AP Biology (experienced teachers)Robert Dennison
AP1978AP World History Jonathan Henderson
AP1944AP GermanBeth Smith
AP1972Human Geography (experienced teachers)Lili Monk
AP1988AP Environmental Science (experienced teachers)Brian Kaestner
AP1932AP English Language and Composition InstituteDan O'Rourke
Kevin McDonald
David Jolliffe
Timm Frietas
Elizabeth Davis
AP1933AP English Literature and Composition InstituteRoy Smith
Jackie Stallworth
Lynne Schwartz
Celie Gomez
AP19P30Pre-AP English InstituteJudy Soriano
Brook Bullock
Ann Jackson
Stephanie Woolley - Larrea
AP19P71Pre-AP GeographySusan Hollier
AP19P85Pre-AP Science - Chemistry focusCasey Akin
AP19P84Pre-AP Science - Middle School focusMark Welch

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Week 3: July 8-11

AP1940AP LatinBob Cape
AP1996AP Physics 1 (experienced teachers)Marc Reif
AP1920AP Computer Science A (experienced teachers)Cody Henrichsen
AP1995AP Physics CMichelle Strand
AP1989AP Environmental Science (new teachers)Tony Villarreal
AP1943AP FrenchChristophe Barquissau
AP1983AP BiologyMelissa Eddy
AP1922AP Computer Science PrinciplesGina McCarley
AP1964AP PsychologyKent Korek
AP1961AP Statistics (Experienced teachers)Paul Rodriguez
AP1917AP Art and Design (new teachers)Charlotte Chambliss
AP19P42Pre-AP World Languages - Spanish focusAnn Mar
AP19P55Pre-AP Math - Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus focus (new teachers)Robert Cole
AP19P83Pre-AP Science - Chemistry focus (experienced teachers)Paul Price

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Week 4: July 15-18

AP1982AP Biology (new teachers)Jody Saxton West
AP1918AP Art and Design (experienced teachers)Barry Lucy
AP1975AP U.S. History InstituteTed Dickson
Bill Polasky
AP1973AP Human Geography (new teachers)Valerie Mervine
AP1947AP Spanish Language (new teachers)Lou Baskinger
AP1948AP Spanish Language (experienced teachers)Jorge Espana
AP1993AP Physics 1 (new teachers)Greg Jacobs
AP1994AP Physics 2Jeff Funkhouer
AP1963AP Statistics (new)Sarah Johnson
AP1979AP World History (experienced teachers)Kara Macsuga
AP1987AP Environmental Science Amy Fassler
AP19P56Pre-AP HS Math - Algebra 1 focusDickie Thomasson
AP19P86Pre-AP Science - Biology focus (new teachers)Mark Welch

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